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Using Garden Windows to Grow Plants

Plants growing next to garden windows

Growing plants can be difficult in Arizona. Temperatures can get too hot outside, but plants you grow indoors may not get the amount of sunlight they need. One way to grow the plants you want while also improving how your home looks is by adding garden windows. These extend outward from your home to create a small shelf surrounded by glass in a box shape. You can place herbs, flowers, decorative plants, or even small vegetables in this mini greenhouse.

Here are some tips for using your garden windows to grow plants:

Garden Window Placement

You should consider which room you want your garden windows in. For example, kitchens are a popular choice, and you can even place these windows over your sink for easy access when you need to water your plants. This also allows you to quickly grab any herbs you need while cooking. However, this type of window can also look great in living rooms, home offices, or other locations that can benefit from natural light and a touch of greenery.

One thing to think about is whether or not light will come through the windows effectively during the day. North-facing windows do not receive much light, so you lose many of the benefits of a garden window if you place it on a north wall. East-facing windows get more light in the morning. During this time, rays are not as strong, so this is a good fit for plants that need a little sun but not much. West-facing windows enjoy afternoon and evening sunlight, which is stronger in the summer, but generally enough for your plants year-round. Finally, you should consider a south-facing garden window if you want the most sunlight possible since the sun moves from the southeast to the west.

Choose Appropriate Plants

Some plants love sunlight and will do well on your garden window shelf. Other plants might do better on the counter next to the windows where they can receive more indirect light, and other plants may grow best in other areas of your home.

In addition to considering the amount of light, you should think about the size of the plants. They should be able to grow well in pots and shouldn't grow too tall or they could start to touch the glass and end up with damaged leaves.

Here are just a few of the plants that grow well in garden windows:

  • Basil is a relatively low-maintenance herb that grows well in window gardens. You can keep it in a pot by itself or with other herbs.
  • Rosemary plants thrive in warm environments, so they do well in the direct sunlight garden windows can provide.
  • Tomatoes can grow indoors with enough sun, but you should choose a smaller variety such as Pretty Patio, Red Cushion, Tiny Tim, or Early Salad.
  • Lettuce is a great choice if you don't have a lot of vertical space available.
  • Radishes do not take up much space and can grow well on your garden window shelf.
  • Pansies are small but provide a beautiful pop of color for your indoor garden.
  • Snapdragons are unique flowers that can grow on your garden window shelf.

Install New Garden Windows in Tucson

At Window World of Tucson, we have a variety of replacement windows to choose from, including beautiful and energy-efficient garden windows.

Contact us today to discuss garden windows or other window replacement options.


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